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Many children and adults suffer from Attention Deficient Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This condition make it very difficult to focus on one activity and to remaining sitting for a period of time. The prescription medication Ritalin is used to help people with these conditions. This medicine stimulates the central nervous system and increase’s a person’s ability to control their impulses.

Ritalin can used be used to treat the sleep disorder called narcolepsy.
This medication must be taken as prescribed by a doctor. A person should not take more or less then prescribed from them. Ritalin is an extended release medication. If a person takes it in the morning for example it should get them through the majority of the day. If a dose is missed it should not be replaced. A person should continue with their next dose.

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 There are some side affects to this medication. A person may have uneven heartbeats, headache, twitches, and some stomach pain. This side affect can lessen with use. This medication should be used with other methods to help with ADHD. These other methods include behavior modification techniques and counseling. The medicine will stabilize a child’s behavior enough to get them through the school day but will not sure the behaviors. The medication will help increase focus and reduce emotional behaviors. Attention span will also be increased when using this medication. Adults should undergo the same types of treatment in addition to medication.

For people with ADHD and ADD they do need help to get through the day. They need something to help them focus and control their impulses. Like all medication this one should only be taken as directed while under the care of a doctor. Ritalin in addition with other non medical treatments can help these people live normal and productive lives.